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Maison May owner Catherine May

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Maison May Dekalb:
open for private events 
246 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn

A home for special moments &  private events

Maison May’s journey has neither a clear beginning nor a defined end.
It is the story of a desire that slowly and steadily grew into a dream. Finally evolved into a clear vision and now physically manifests itself as a lifestyle brand.
As much as it is the story of a brand, it is also the story of women. Maison May is the true expression of owner and founder Catherine May’s French upbringing and her aesthetic.

Gather & Celebrate

Chef Armando of Maison May creates colorful farm to table food
Maison May serves farm to table feast in brownstone garden

After years as a successful restaurateur during which she fed & nourished innumerable guests, Catherine felt ready to move on to the next level. She wanted to create a boutique wedding venue and private event space in Brooklyn where people can celebrate, gather around a table and enjoy a shared meal. All while having the feeling to be at someone’s home.

She used her expertise and – more importantly – her strong intuition to create a space and build a team that would carry her vision and helps her do just that.

More than sharing food, she wanted Maison May to instantly elicit an atmosphere of warmth and safety that only a home can have. Her desire was it to create an overall experience that would transport you & your guests for the time of their parties into her own home.

A space that grows with you

Of course, there are certain expectations regarding an event space in Brooklyn. Maison May delivers. Upon walking into any of our private event spaces guests can instantly feel an effortless easiness that’s inherent to every room. Everything is designed to instantly relax your mind and body. This laid-back elegance, paired with generous yet healthy, honest and ethical food, is what draws guests to our space in the first place. Once they’ve experienced our welcoming embrace many of them come back again and again.

Over the past decade, the Maison May Brownstone became a top destination for private events and a boutique wedding venue. Maison May hosted hundreds of showers for brides and moms to be. Our staff helped dozens of guests to throw the perfect birthday party. We welcomed countless couples and their guests on their wedding day.
And just as we saw former brides coming back to us as mothers-to-be, we too grew and extended.

At heart, this is what we love to do: Bring integrity to your plate & help to create connections between people for the time of a celebration.

We hope to welcome you soon.
Catherine May & the Maison May Team.

Olivia serves Crostini an event favorite
An essential member of the Maison May team
Gluten-free lunch on the Maison May Vanderbilt terrace