Maison May owner Catherine May

About Us

The Team behind the dream

An elegant  Brooklyn Brownstone home for intimate Weddings & Events

Behind every brand stands a person or a group of people who breathe life into it. For Maison May, this person is female-entrepreneur, owner and founder Catherine May. Maison May is a reflection and expression of her French upbringing, aesthetic and beliefs.


Chef Armando of Maison May creates colorful farm to table food
Maison May serves farm to table feast in brownstone garden

After years as a successful restaurateur during which she fed & nourished innumerable guests, Catherine felt ready to move on to the next level. She wanted to create a boutique wedding venue and private event space in Brooklyn where people can gather and celebrate in a festive yet relaxed environment. All while having the feeling of being at someone’s home.

She used her expertise and – more importantly – her strong intuition to create a space and build a team that would carry her vision and help her do just that.

More than sharing food, she wanted Maison May to instantly elicit an atmosphere of warmth and safety that only a home can have. Her desire was to create an overall experience that would transport you & your guests for the time of their parties into her own home.

Wholesome & Abundant

Chef Armando Reyes started his culinary journey over a decade ago at ICI (Maison May’s former name). He understands Maison May’s food philosophy like nobody else. He and Catherine were forerunners of the farm-to-table movement long before that became a commonly known term for local and seasonal food.
Equipped with a strong knowledge of French cuisine, Chef Reyes believes in cooking with his heart. Catherine and he bond over their shared desire to feed and nourish people. For both of them, this means serving wholesome food that makes people feel good and is abundant without weighing them down. It also means respecting the soil our food grows in, the people who tend it, and the seasons.
Olivia serves Crostini an event favorite
An essential member of the Maison May team
Gluten-free lunch on the Maison May Vanderbilt terrace