Private Events

Practical Info

Private Events
for 10 to 40 guests

270 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn

Meaningful Gatherings in a relaxed Setting

Private Events for those who are looking for deeper connections

From the moment our Café opened it was clear that it was much more than just a daytime spot for breakfast and lunch. Too deep are Maison May’s event roots, too strong Catherine May’s love for hosting gatherings and too thoughtful the interior as to not utilize the potential the spaces holds. Although, at first sight, quite different than the Brownstone, our Café has proven to be the perfect addition to the Maison May event spaces.

Gatherings with meaning

To offer a serene space for our guests where they can take a break, unplug and connect was always the first priority at the space on Vanderbilt Avenue. This vision reflects in everything we do from our decor over our service to our food – nothing feels rushed, forced or unnatural.

Of course, this mentality also reverberates in the events we host at the Café. Gatherings should feel like a hug from a dear old friend that you haven’t seen in a while and  that you never want to end – warm, genuine and familiar.  Liberated from the need to impress your guest you can fully focus on being present.

Food to lift you up, not weigh you down

Intimate evening event at Maison May Vanderbilt
Engagement dinners at beautiful Brooklyn venue

Of course, food plays an important role when gathering. We aim to provide food that is just as thoughtfully curated as the rest of our Café: Lots of whole grains and seasonal ingredients; very little gluten, dairy and processed ingredients.

The same goes for our beverages. We serve housemade shrubs and switchels, organic sodas and all our wine is biodynamic and/or natural to support a wholesome celebration.