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Private Dining With A Brooklyn Twist

Making time to gather friends for a shared meal is a luxury, regardless of if it is a birthday celebration, an engagement party, an anniversary dinner or simply a dinner among friends. Gathering around a table should always feel like a celebration. Because that’s what it really is – a celebration of life.

Above all, we strongly believe in the power of food as a tool to bring people together and connect them. Our way of presenting farm-to-table fare family-style for private dining events emphasizes this further. Reminiscent of a Thanksgiving dinner, we believe that sharing a family style meal during a private dining experience makes strangers friends.

Food Connecting people

Farm to table food and natural wine in Brooklyn garden event space
Fresh farm to table hors d'oeuvres for private parties

To us, family-style dining is by far the best way to present our bountiful farm to table cuisine. Additionally, offering our guests a family style menu during private dining allows them to experience a sense of community and gratitude.

Maybe you attend an anniversary dinner or a birthday celebration on the Parlor Floor. Some guests are old friends while others might be fairly new ones. Or – think of an engagement cocktail in the Garden where two groups of people meet for the first time because their best friends decided to commit to each other. They might not know each other. Nevertheless, they are connected by a human relationship and by the food they share.