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8 am to 4 pm

270 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn

Handsourced object that can’t be found anywhere else

Maison May Café doesn’t only function as a European-style Café where you can enjoy breakfast or lunch, it also functions as showroom and atelier for the many curated object and antiques Catherine collected over the years. Tjat means almost all of of the objects on display can also be purchased as well and double as decorative items for events. Most of those unique items can’t be found anywhere else in the US and melt into the space just like they would in a private home.

Artisanal kitchen goods for sale at Maison May Vanderbilt
Ethical and handmade objects in the Maison May Vanderbilt shop and registry


Although many of our object are one-of-a-kind items, we do not want them to feel detached. We want guests to experience them, touch them and see them in daily use. That’s why many of  them are part of our everyday set up. However, if you can’t shop in person, you can also find a few of them in our  online store . It is small but organically growing offering. As we move along, we will be adding scenes and object to match every mood, season and occasion.