Apr 11, 2024

What We Do & Why We Are (Still) Doing It

A Garden dinner in an Intimate Brooklyn Brownstone Wedding Venue venue

Gathering has never been more important.

Catherine May here.
It has been a while since I sent a message via the Maison May Channel.

Many of you on this list have hosted some truly memorable moments at 246 Dekalb Avenue since I took over the bottom two floors (arguably in 2004 but truly & fully in 2008).
Some of you got married & threw the biggest dinner party of your lifetime.
Others came to celebrate a loved one, maybe their engagement or graduation, and sometimes their passing.
You might have sat in the garden & forgot you were in Brooklyn or where you were all together, staring at the string lights & the stars.
Maybe you brunched on the Parlor floor with your 20 besties.
Those walls have witnessed all of your joys, your sorrows, and your most profound emotions & at the core, the one thing that truly mattered to you then:
Coming together & connecting, being witnessed & witness.
For all of that, I am so profoundly grateful.

The last four years have been rough.
Coming together at the beginning of the Pandemic became *the* very deadly thing.
It was quite a mind fuck for me.
(pardon my French).
And this is why I folded down everything & waited to gage when &
how Maison May would move into the world again.
Sustainability & intentionality, as well as caring for my people, aka my staff, has always been a priority.

Our doors reopened a couple of years ago slowly to host your gatherings again.
I believe that in times of deep uncertainty, division, and collapse, intentional & celebratory gatherings have never been more important and meaningful.
Maison May is now spreading its wings again.
Stay tuned to hear more about what we are cooking, & look out for an invitation to a summer celebration.

In the meantime, I am sending you love, and remember that my house is always yours when you need to gather yours & celebrate.


PS- ok, I know that actually, the only thing you all truly want to know is:
“who is cooking? Is it still Armando?”
Yes, darlings, it is.
I would not do it with anyone else…