Lovely Maison May team serves farm to table food for outdoor wedding dinner

Our Mission

Events with a zest for life

The art of hosting

“What’s the secret to hosting a great event?”

We get that question a lot: there is no simple answer to this. Just like an artist makes it seem effortless to draw a portrait, or a pianist to play a sonata, the truth is that it takes years of practice, a lot of passion and a certain amount of talent to perfect the art of hosting.

Genuine Joie de vivre

A beautiful bride with stunning dress and flower
Maison May tea party with fresh homemade cakes
What we have learned over the years is that, if the genuine “joie de vivre” – the cheerful enjoyment of life in the moment – is missing from an event, guests can feel it. Of course, this is easier said than done if all a host worries about is how to please guests and meet expectations.

This is the moment Maison May comes in: With years of experience and a decade-long track record of successfully hosting events at Maison May, we are here to guide you through the process and make it easy for you. We have seen it all, we have done it all and we know exactly how it works.

But not just that: We are also here to listen to your ideas and concerns, give suggestions on how to improve your event and accommodate your visions. Sometimes this might also mean that we will have to tell you that something does not work.

Elevated simplicity

Beautiful wedding happening in the garden
“Joie de vivre” is not just an idea, it is a lifestyle that cherishes and celebrates the most basic human needs: The joy of conversation, the joy of eating and the joy of being with the people we love. This is exactly what we focus on at Maison May. We want to celebrate life by elevating the simple joys.