A Seasonal Catering Menu with Sustainable Foods | Maison May
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Food & Drinks

Catering Menu

Colorful seasonal food for every private event

Practical Info

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner options

Minimum order:
$ 50 for pick up
$200 for deliveries

Wine & Liquor upon request
Please allow 36 hours notice

Seasonal Menus catered to your home

All it took was one regular guest at Maison May Vanderbilt saying, “ I wish you would deliver that to my home” to get us on board of the catering train. Once we thought about it a bit more, we quickly realize that the food we serve makes perfect sense as a seasonal catering menu and is ideal for drop off: It’s family-style, wholesome, simple and honest food that’s not just easy to eat but also easy to plate. Which means, it always looks great!

A catering menu that doesn’t feel like it

Fresh seasonal pastries at Maison May Vanderbilt café

Why not grant yourself the luxury of our drop off menu for your next home gathering?

Let’s face it: very few people, especially in New York City, have the time, space and resources, let alone the sheer culinary knowledge, to pull off a meal for more than 4 guests without breaking a sweat. That’s when a catering menu comes in incredibly handy.

No matter if you are looking for a few drop off items for some friends coming over for an informal lunch or a full-blown catering menu including beverages for 50 people for a birthday dinner – Maison May has got your back.

Sample Menus

Fresh farm to table hors d'oeuvres for private parties