In store
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In store

Maison May gift shop and registry curated by Catherine May

Practical Info

Open every day
8 am to 5 pm

270 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn

One of a kind home goods and meaningful object in a serene setting

Maison May Vanderbilt is more than a place to linger and enjoy a healthy breakfast or lunch. It is a place filled with beautiful and meaningful home goods such as antiques, tableware, and linen. Marvel over gorgeous french linen, flip through a cookbook, shop for tableware or pick out the perfect wedding gift – our Café on Vanderbilt Avenue has many beautiful offerings.

Catherine picks every single item herself during her travels through France. The antiques come from Parisian flea markets, the tableware and linen are mostly from small manufacturers and artist in the French countryside. Every home good undergoes a thorough real life home scan in Catherine’s kitchen and recipes in cookbooks get tested before they gets approves and end up as a wedding gift in store.

Artisanal kitchen goods for sale at Maison May Vanderbilt
Ethical and handmade objects in the Maison May Vanderbilt shop and registry

Shop In Store

Of course, shopping in store is a luxury. It feels good to touch and feel the quality of tableware and linen before purchasing it, it’s nice to be able to examine an antique before buying it and who doesn’t enjoy thumbing through a cookbook? However, sometimes that is not possible because your schedule is busy or you are located someplace else. Our online store helps you to still be able to find the perfect wedding gift no matter where you are. A vast selection of home goods – from small antique items to large wall object – makes sure you find what you are looking for.