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Private Events

Baby Shower

Practical Info

 10 to 60 guests
Brunch & Dinner
Seated & Cocktail

246 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn

A unique baby shower venue to remember

Baby showers are some of the sweetest events we host at Maison May. All year round adorable moms-to-be choose the bright and airy spaces in our historic Brownstone as their baby shower venue. Our quiet Garden grants a serene, earthbound tone for Spring and Summer events. In contrast, the whitewashed Parlor Floor with its original details and crown moldings creates a festive environment for a Baby Shower event year-round.

A space to match every theme

From pinks and blues to neutrals, from elegant-classic to laid-back, relaxed to fun and colorful – our Brownstone has seen all kind of baby shower events. What all of them have in common is that they are heartfelt celebrations of life and the exciting future awaiting the becoming mother.

Sending the mother-to-be off into motherhood the right way is very important, and we believe that choosing Maison May as the Baby Shower venue makes this a lot easier.

Our experienced event staff supports and guides you through the entire planning phase. Even if you have never planned or hosted an event like this before, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. The simple beauty of our Brownstone location added to our expertise will make every Baby Shower a smashing success.