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Brownstone Dining Room & Garden

Brooklyn garden space perfect for private outdoor wedding receptions and showers

Practical Info

up to 32 people seated
or cocktail-style

 April to October

246 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn

A clandestine Outdoor Wedding Venue at a Brooklyn Brownstone

Green space is a luxury in a city like New York. Maybe that’s why so many couples hope for an outdoor wedding venue or at least dream of a wedding with a garden ceremony to make their wedding even more memorable.

When you enter the Maison May Brownstone you can’t immediately see what hides right behind it: Our green oasis is well hidden from the public eye. Consequently, it is perfect for intimate celebrations like rehearsal dinners, cocktail garden parties or a garden wedding ceremony.

Maison May’s secret

Unique outdoor wedding venue in Brooklyn New York

With a capacity of 32 people for a seated brunch or dinner and up to 45 for a cocktail party, our backyard finds just the right balance for many different celebrations.

Fort Greeners have seen many restaurants come and go over the last decade and people often ask what the secret to Maison May’s longevity is. The truth is, there is no secret. Just genuine love and passion for what we are doing. Our guests can simply feel that.

A romantic Garden for everybody

Maison May garden is ideal Brooklyn outdoor wedding setting
Unique outdoor wedding venue in Fort Greene

First and foremost, we do not differentiate between two guests for brunch or one hundred for a rehearsal dinner. We always put the same amount of love and effort into our service and our food. Of course, we love celebrations, and a sweet wedding ceremony in the garden still makes us tear up. But we never lost sight of what built our reputation as an outdoor wedding venue in the first place – our loyal day-to-day guests. They were the ones who first asked us about a rehearsal dinner or a cocktail party in the garden. Therefore, they are the ones we owe all of our gratitude.

So, regardless if you are looking for an outdoor wedding venue or a place to have a tranquil garden brunch – Maison May is here for you.