Intimate wedding dinners in beautiful Brooklyn brownstone

Brownstone Tour: Main Dining Room


If you enter a Brooklyn Brownstone you can immediately sense that there is more to the story than the eye can capture. An old building carries and passes on joy, tears, and laughter of every single person ever living there. There are dramas and love stories. Sad farewells and happy endings.

No other space embodies this more than our cozy Main Dining Room. This space is the rustic heart of our Brownstone. It’s the gateway to the Garden, the space to sit and rest and the more laid-back, earthy counterpart to the youthful, lofty Parlor floor. As such, no event works without the elegant Main Dining Room as connector piece and grounding center.


Intimate wedding dinners in elegant Brooklyn brownstone
Maison May brownstone is cosy and elegant
All of this is part of the irresistible beauty of such a space. Clearly, it is also a reason why couples are looking for a unique private wedding in a historic Brownstone. There is something undeniably special about a Brownstone wedding or a romantic dinner party in a building that has outlasted generations and still looks as beautiful as back when it was built. Indeed, it might be even more beautiful now as age has left its traces. Just like a great wine, the beauty of a Brownstone unfolds more and more with its aging.

And just as with any great wine, its quality slowly dawns on you until it finally unfolds: Maybe, during a private outdoor dinner in our garden, you marvel about who once lived here. Or you ask yourself how many couples raised families here while attending a Brownstone wedding. Or perhaps you feel Walt Whitman spirit passing through the garden during a romantic private dinner.


An elegant dinner wedding at brownstone Maison May
Intimate elegant wedding dinner and reception
Another quality an old structure embraces like no other is the aspect of time: What better atmosphere for a unique private wedding is there than the aura of longevity when tying the knot? It’s almost like a marriage established in a Brownstone wedding is meant to last for eternity.

Although eternity is a too far-fetched aspiration for a simple private outdoor dinner, time still is an important factor in the success of any event. In a fast-paced city like New York, taking time to be mentally and physically present for a private dinner is one of the most romantic gestures towards people you love.

So, whether it’s a unique private wedding or a small private dinner outdoors – time is really on your side at Maison May.