Outdoor wedding rehearsal dinner in exquisite Brooklyn Brownstone

Private Brownstone Events

Host guests in  the comfort of a home

Making time to gather friends for a shared meal is a luxury, regardless of if it is a birthday celebration, an engagement cocktail, or casual dinner among friends. Gathering around a table should always feel like a special occasion. Because that’s what it really is – a celebration of life.

A Brooklyn Brunch Favorite

Farm to table food for large brunch reservations in Brooklyn
Wedding reception in bright and beautiful Maison May brownstone

With a long standing reputation as a favorite with locals in the Fort Greene, Brooklyn, neighborhood, Maison May is a popular choice for daytime brunch events like baby or bridal showers. You pick your style: The light-flooded Parlor Room with high ceiling and gorgeous original details creates just the right ambiance for an elegant brunch reception. The lush, green backyard – tucked away behind the Brownstone – is the perfect location for a garden themed party and the Main Dining Room invites guests to a relaxed, cozy brunch or lunch.

Private Dining with a Brooklyn Twist

Farm to table food and natural wine in Brooklyn garden event space
Fresh farm to table hors d'oeuvres for private parties
To us, a relaxed, casual dinner is by far the best way to present our bountiful farm to table cuisine. No matter if you have dinner with friends or a cocktail where guests do not know each other, the experience of a shared meal and celebration will connect them and bond them together. Besides that, a family-style dinner or cocktail-format meal allows hosts to relax and guests to roam freely. No seating charts, no individual menu choices, and no problems. Of course, we accommodate most dietary restrictions and allergies!