Simple Elegance at Maison May: Wedding venue, private dinners, parties and events

Celebrate life at Maison May

Maison May is the brainchild of female entrepreneur and longtime Fort Greene resident Catherine May. Based on her personal values and beliefs she created an ethical and sustainable brand, designed around the wish to nourish and feed people and offer them a space to celebrate life in a meaningful way.
It all began with Maison May Dekalb our beautiful Fort Greene Brownstone which opened it’s doors many years ago. It quickly became a top destination for elegant Brownstone weddings & intimate private events.

An elegant dinner celebration at Maison May

Joyful celebrations instead of produced events

At Maison May we believe that events should be hosted, not produced. Instead of diluting the moment with pomp and circumstances, we focus on spirited celebrations that let our host’s personality shine. Thoughtful touches instead of showmanship. Joyful celebrations of life and love instead of showstoppers and grandstanding. Years of hosting has proven time and again that relaxed hosts throw the best parties.

One-Stop-Shop for intimate events

As a hospitality professional with many years of experience in some of NYC finest restaurants and hospitality businesses, Catherine and her team know exactly what it takes to host a successful event. Their experience combined with the all-inclusive package Maison May offers, allows hosts to relax and trust that everything will be taken care of. 

This stress-free, streamlined approach that Maison May follows, reflects in every event. Effortless-elegant, naturally chic and focused on what really counts – celebrating with the people you love. We hold the reins, so you can enjoy the ride.

Getting ready for an intimate Brooklyn Brownstone wedding