Intimate Brooklyn Weddings & Private Events in a historic Brownstone: Old-world Charm meets modern-day Full Service.

A Boutique Restaurant, Home for Gatherings since 2008

Home for a day.
Memories for a lifetime.

Whether it is your Intimate Brooklyn Wedding or a Private Event with friends; every occasion deserves a unique venue & special care.
At Maison May, we take your dreams & weave them into memories.

Hosted in our historic Brooklyn Brownstone, each event is thoughtfully curated, catered & decorated for all your intimate, one-of-a-kind gatherings.
Celebrate carefree & let us take care of all the small things so you can enjoy your big moments.

Guests during Cocktail at an Intimate Brooklyn Wedding Venue.
A couple kissing in an Intimate Brooklyn Wedding Venue

Have you ever visited a place that feels familiar yet new at once?

When you host your gathering at Maison May, our home becomes yours.
Here, you are no stranger to the stories that will come to life on your special day.

Want to plan a small wedding? We’ve got you.
Need to plan an intimate dinner party in two weeks? Don’t sweat it.

Our full-service boutique space takes the worry off your plate & delivers a unique event tailor-made for you.
You’ll have no doubts that this is where you’re meant to be.

« .. Between the classic Brownstone look, the intimate feel, the impeccable food and service, and the helpful and kind organizers, it was truly the perfect place. .. »

Anne-Sophie & Nathaniel – Wedding – November 2022

Delicious food served at an intimate Private Event at a historic Brooklyn Brownstone.
The romantic Garden of a Brooklyn Brownstone Wedding & Private Event venue with endless details.

The essence of Brooklyn flows
throughout our home.

Located in Fort Greene, our timeless Brownstone is filled with the same energy & vibrancy as the beloved borough’s history & people.
It is truly unmatched.

For the past 20 years, our house has been a home, a wedding venue, a restaurant & a place to gather. Those memories are just as much part of the Brownstone as its architectural details. We look forward to the memories you’ll make with us.

A fireplace in a historic Brooklyn Event Venue adds romantic details to every Gathering.
Small details that make big differences during an intimate Brooklyn Wedding or private Event.

« .. If you’re looking for something with an old Brooklyn vibe and contemporary twist that is warm and inviting and generates a natural atmosphere of love and togetherness then this is definitely the venue for you. .. »

James & Joseph – Wedding – August 2023

A couple holding hands during a Garden Ceremony at an Intimate Brooklyn Wedding Venue.
A wedding cake with blush florals on display at a Brooklyn Brownstone Venue.

Witness your love in full bloom

Weddings are some of the most special days.
They are moments in time when all our worries melt away & all that’s left is love.
The love between you & your partner, the love of everyone who came to celebrate & the love in the moment.
For us, nothing else matters.
From our first conversation to your big day, our full-service team is dedicated to creating a seamless experience so you can walk down the aisle carefree & happy.

Simple elegant bar on the Parlor Floor of a intimate Brooklyn Brownstone Wedding venue.
A little girl jumping joyfully on the Parlor during a Wedding at an intimate Brooklyn Brownstone.
Setting up a romantic Wedding dinner in a intimate Brooklyn Garden Venue.

Just like a fingerprint,
your event will be unique to you

We pride ourselves in creating personalized, meaningful moments that feel like an extension of who you are as a person or couple.
Wedding, dinner party, or intimate gathering–no matter the event, you can trust that every detail will represent your story & the memories to come.

Become a part of our family.

Our experienced team treats each occasion like it is for one of our own loved ones.

Our home. Your personal touch.

Our goal is to make our space feel authentically yours.

Leave the details to us.

We supply everything you need for your event so you can focus on the moments that matter.

You are in good hands.

With 20 years of experience and hundreds of events under our belt, you can trust that hospitality is second nature to us.

Hospitality with heart

Bringing joy, harnessing your ideas, and creating beautiful memories is at the heart of all our gatherings.
At Maison May, we marry timeless charm & elegance with unparalleled expertise & care to craft personalized intimate settings in a historical Fort Greene Brownstone.

At the core, Catherine May, owner & founder, & her team are passionate about executing events seamlessly with heart & generosity. From your biggest event to the smallest moment–start to finish, every aspect of each event is carefully woven with the same love & care we’d give our own.

A father embracing his daughter after his wedding speech at s Brooklyn Brownstone Venue.

We are more than a venue, we are a team of memory curators dedicated to exceeding your expectations & creating unforgettable moments.

Maison May invites you & your guests to experience everything & everyone you love in a space that’s been perfectly curated for you.

Featuring two stories & a garden, every inch of our home will be dedicated to bringing your ideas & dreams to life in unimaginable ways.


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