A Historic Brookyln Brownstone Venue for unique & unforgettable events

Maison May’s home is in a classic Brownstone, located in the heart of Fort Greene, one of the hippest neighborhoods in Brookyln. The venue bursts with a unique charm & romantic details.

The backyard of our historic Brooklyn Brownstone wedding.
The entrance of our historic Brooklyn Brownstone wedding.

These walls have stories to tell.

Our romantic Brownstone Venue is filled with the same energy & vibrancy as the beloved borough’s history & people. When you walk through our original wooden doors, you can feel the love & energy flowing through the entire space.

Built in the 1880s, Maison May is very much a part of old Brooklyn. With all of its original crown molding & architectural details it feels like it’s taken all of the things you love about Brooklyn homes, & froze it in time. Over the past 140+ years, this beautiful location has been a home, a restaurant, a unique Event Venue, & most of all, a witness to hundreds of I-dos.

We can’t wait to share the space with you.

The Dining Room: The heart of the Brownstone

The downstairs Dining Room of our Brownstone is the undeniable heart of Maison May.
Here we share meals, tell stories, & fill the room with joy. With its rustic wood floors, white brick walls, & elegant lighting it is not hard to tell why it is the perfect backdrop to break bread with the people you know & love. At the far end of the room, you are greeted by a window and door that peer into our romantic & elegant Garden– a space that warms the room with the light & energy of our Brooklyn oasis.

Raise your glass & toast to those who came to celebrate alongside you in this Intimate Dining Space. The stories you’ll create on your special day are moments away.

A communal table allows for intimate wedding dinner receptions.
Perfect for sweethearts and their guests: A unique Brooklyn Brownstone Wedding Venue

The Garden: A hidden green oasis

Hidden in the back of Maison May lies our romantic Garden. Through the doors & up a few stairs, you are greeted by the shade of our 100-year-old maple tree. Here, you can recite your vows under its green canopy or share a meal with friends & family under the stars. By the end of the night, you’ll be able to take in all the joy of the day & find a slice of serenity in historic Fort Greene.

A wedding party chatting after dinner in our historic Brownstone garden.

The Parlor Floor: The life of every party

Up the narrow wooden staircase you will find the whitewashed Parlor Floor. Before you enter through the frosted French pocket doors you are greeted by a separate bar area; a welcoming space & special asset for thirsty dancers.
The upstairs space is donned with floor-to-ceiling windows, an ornate ceiling, & an old-fashioned chandelier: It is hard to contain guests’ excitement when they enter this room. Its simple & elegant beauty is a force on its own, but truly comes to life when decorated for your occasion. A Wedding Ceremony, Intimate Dinner or Dance Party– whatever the mood, this space morphs into something special for everyone who sets foot in it.

The Parlor Floor is an echo chamber for happiness, love, & joy – each event leaves its mark in this room and keeps the momentum of celebration going for all those to come.

A wedding ceremony setup on the Parlor Floor of our historic Brownstone venue.
A couple dancing at a small wedding in a historic Brownstone.

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