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Brownstone Restaurant

A Fort Greene Restaurant with History

When Maison May opened its doors back in 2004 under its former name ICI, it was a groundbreaker for what would, a few years later, become every foodie’s favorite movement: Farm-to-table.

The term was definitely not on Catherine’s mind back then. What she thought of when she created the restaurant was the cooking and dining experience she grew up with on the French Countryside. Fresh market driven ingredients, abundant, clean and satisfying.

Quickly Maison May became well known and beloved far beyond the Fort Greene borders not just for their food – including their famous weekend Brunch, but also for their cozy dining room, lush garden and overall relaxed atmosphere. With an unfailing eye, Catherine created a place she called home in Brooklyn.

*New Menu & Concept*

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Intimate rustic chic wedding dinner and reception
Intimate rustic chic wedding dinner and reception

Almost two decades later, it is time for a change, a readjustment. Just like 20 years ago, Catherine has a strong vision for what she wants her home to evolve into. It might not look much different – why get rid of the shoe that fits? – but it will be a recalibrated version of the existing.

What the past showed is that those subtle changes are sometimes the most complex. They need time to grow and form. They can’t be rushed and take their own time. Until then, hang in there.

We can’t wait to welcome you back!