NYC Elegant Weddings Brooklyn Brownstone Venue | Maison May
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Brownstone Weddings

Practical Info

10 to 110 guests

Ceremony & Reception

Daytime & Evening

246 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Brownstone Weddings for up to 110 Guests

Intimate Wedding Celebrations in a unique Brooklyn wedding venue

Weddings are clearly one of the most memorable and unique celebrations in people’s lives. The memories of an intimate wedding celebration are treasured forever. Not just by the pair getting married. But by everyone attending this exceptional moment. Of course, every couple strives to make their wedding as special and elegant as possible.

Maison May offers a perfect backdrop for one of a kind wedding ceremonies: Nestled into a historic Brownstone in the heart of Fort Greene, old-world charm meets modern Brooklyn to create a perfectly unique wedding venue.

Tailor-made Brownstone Weddings

Starting with the lush Garden over our cozy yet sophisticated Main Dining room, all the way to the elegant, white Parlor Floor: Maison May delivers the Brownstone wedding experience our guests expect from a wedding destination in Brooklyn.

Finding the right wedding venue isn’t easy. Especially not in Brooklyn where couples are spoilt for choices.  Although Maison May has seen many elegant weddings over the years we are time and again honored by every couple that trusts us with their wedding ceremony. That they pick our Brownstone as their wedding destination amongst the many in Brooklyn means a lot to us.

Most noteworthy is that Maison May built its reputation almost entirely on word-of-mouth recommendations from guests. One of the pillars we built our reputation on exceptional service and an Events team that has years of experience.

Building relationships

Naturally, a milestone celebration like a wedding comes with many questions.  Planning an intimate wedding obviously requires a close and trusting relationship between everybody involved. Therefore we take a lot of time to get to know every single couple and answer all their questions. We want to make our guests feel entirely comfortable with their choices and every wedding as seamless and easy as possible.

Email us today to schedule a visit and find out more about one of the most charming wedding venues in Brooklyn.

Exchange vows in an intimate Garden wedding ceremony under the cozy glow of string lights. Enjoy french inspired farm-to-table fare in the rustic-chic main dining room. Host an elegant cocktail reception underneath original crown molding details on the Parlor Floor.

Preserving the old while embracing the new is what makes Maison May such a quintessential Brooklyn Brownstone wedding destination.

Intimate & elegant wedding ceremonies

Regardless if you have 10 or 110 guests, the familiar feeling of the Brownstone creates a naturally intimate yet elegant setting for any . Add an experienced and professional staff that welcomes guests with a warm smile, an open mind, and a full heart and you have a home.

This formula makes Maison May a reliable destination and trusted venue for elegant Brownstone weddings for couples from all over the world.