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Lovely Maison May team serves farm to table food for outdoor wedding dinner

Practical Info

Maison May Dekalb
open for private events 
246 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn

Ethically sourced products for a concious lifestyle

When Catherine May opened Maison May, she wanted to create an extension of her own home for people. The intention behind this was not a simple business calculation. Why would anybody intentionally make themselves vulnerable like that? She was driven by the wish to share her beliefs with her community and create a place where sustainable lifestyle was more than lip service.

Craftsmanship & heritage

Antique French silver and vintage pieces for sale in Maison May Vanderbilt boutique
Maison May tea party with fresh homemade cakes

Honoring the simple beauty of handmade, ethically sourced products lies at the core of Maison May. Regardless if it is the food served, the coffee brewed or the plates used – every single item at Maison May was made by skilled craftsmen and reflects their cultural heritage.

Maison May focusses on ethically sourced products – made by humans, not machines – and the firm belief that the only way to support a sustainable lifestyle for makers and buyers is to value quality and care. Hence, only objects following this objective have the power to connect people on a deeper level.

Objects with power & meaning

Handcrafted pottery for sale at Maison May Vanderbilt

The essence of the Maison May lifestyle brand is simple: As a women-run and women-owned business, intuition is a strong guideline. We carry products that contribute to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, they make us feel good.

That said, women-owned businesses naturally hold a special place in Maison May’s supply chain. Catherine believes that female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses can effectively change the way how we do business. Together they can reinstall a moral codex that yet again values quality and care over price.

Ethically sourced, handmade products might need more time to grow and develop but there are a time and a place for them. At Maison May this time and place is right now. Right here.

Step into Maison May’s world – not as a bypassing guest but as a conscious human being. You are always welcome.