Seasonal, Rustic French Event Menus from the Farm to your Table

One of the best compliments we often get from guests who attended an event at Maison May is how much they loved the food. Of course that makes us happy but  it also always surprises us to hear that. Quite frankly, we do not even know what the difference between “wedding food” & other food is. As a venue with decades of restaurant background and an expert team of Chefs in-house, we expect every meal to shine.

An abundant spread at Maison May

Who said that an event menu can’t be enjoyable & wholesome experience at once?

Although food might indeed not be the most important aspect of a celebration, it is a quintessential part of it. A shared meal does not only feel celebratory & special, it truly creates a feeling of connectivity. We take this connection one step further by always serving our seasonal event menu family-style. Presented on big platters and bowls, this makes the meal look even more bountiful & generous. But mostly, it serves the true spirit of a Rustic French Food Spread – enjoying the seasonal harvest with friends and family.

Our event team assists with picking the best seasonal dishes from our event menus for your group & is knowledgeable about how to accommodate any dietary restrictions without compromising the farm to table menu.
Our kitchen strives to make every seasonal food item equally familiar and surprising & aims to find just the right balance between making our Rustic French Event Menus comforting  & an exciting at the same time.

« .. The food was abundant & incredible, the drinks were numerous and delicious. Many guests remarked that it was the best food they’ve ever had at a wedding. .. »

Kat & Alyson – Wedding – March 2019 

Maison Mays Brunch Event Sample menu caters to all needs.
Sample Event menu for a dinner party at Maison May.
Light and fresh farmers market fare.
Small bites to start the event right.
Abundant & comforting Seasonal Event Menus are our specialty.
Seasonal & comforting food inspired by French Country Cuisine.
Rustic French Cuisine based on family recipes are part of our seasonal Event menu.
Homemade and wholesome seasonal event menus that won't leave you hungry.
Wedding cakes are delicious
Enjoying Cocktail during a a rehearsal dinner.

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